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Chatmind is now Mapify: Your Ultimate “Anything to Mindmap” Solution!On our one-year anniversary of Chatmind, we're excited to announce our rebranding to Mapify. Mapify can transform PDF, PowerPoint, YouTube video, or any other format into mind maps. Organize and visualize content for better comprehension.
Mapify team2024.05.28

Dear Chatmind users,

We’re thrilled to announce that Chatmind has rebranded as Mapify, marking an exhilarating leap forward in the world of mind mapping and AI. Today, we celebrate the 1-year anniversary of Chatmind and embark on this exciting new journey with you!

In the AI era, where content creation is skyrocketing, the challenge of information overload persists. However, AI’s evolution is making this information more accessible than ever. Our mission is to not only visualize your ideas but also to streamline the processing of information. With 18 years of experience through Xmind, we excel in presenting information visually for easy comprehension, study, and sharing.

To celebrate this transformation, you could subscribe Mapify with 10% discount using Coupon Code: MAPIFY10.

💡Welcome to Mapify: Where Creativity Meets Clarity

Our commitment to you is to make mind mapping not just a tool but an indispensable part of your daily process. With Mapify, we’ve integrated sophisticated AI models to deliver unparalleled ease and accuracy, setting a new standard for mind mapping.

🧠Why Mapify?

More Powerful AI Models: Mapify’s advanced AI makes mind mapping more intuitive, effortlessly transforming complex data into structured maps.

Enhanced Accuracy: Our AI ensures that every mind map precisely reflects your content, maintaining relevance and detail.

Ease of Use in Daily Work: Designed for seamless integration, Mapify simplifies your daily tasks, enhancing usability across various applications.

The “Anything to Mindmap” Promise: We’re turning vision into reality. With Mapify, converting information into stunning visual maps is just a click away.

🚀Transform with a Single Click

That’s right, Mapify users! With our innovative platform, you can now:

• Convert PDFs into organized mind maps that highlight key points and concepts.

• Take a Youtube link and let Mapify distill its essence into a visual summary.

• Transform blocks of text into digestible, easy-to-understand mind maps.

• Even complex websites can be made clear through our mind mapping magic.

All it takes is one simple click to transform your content into a clear mind map, making the process of understanding and sharing information more efficient and enjoyable. Mapify is not just about mind mapping, it’s about making the process as effortless and accessible as ever before.

Explore the New Mapify now!

Chatmind is now Mapify—more powerful, more productive. Dive in and discover the future of mind mapping. Plus, enjoy special discount offers to get you started on your Mapify journey!

Join us in celebrating this exciting new chapter. Explore the innovative features of Mapify and experience how we are redefining mind mapping for the AI era. Thank you for being a part of our community. Let’s map the future together!