Introducing Chatmind 4.0: Anything to Mind Maps by AINow you could easily transform any format into mindmap, no matter it's Powerpoint, Excel, Youtube Video or Diagram. Turn hours of work into minutes of clarity.
Andrew Chan2024.04.26

Chatmind 4.0 is here! This isn't just another update—it's a complete transformation of how you create and interact with mind maps.

Dive into a new era of mind mapping where your creativity meets the cutting-edge technology, revolutionizing every aspect of how you organize and visualize information.

What's New in Chatmind 4.0

💡Anything to Mind Maps

No matter your data source, Chatmind 4.0 handles it all.

  • Support for Various File Formats: 
  • Whether it’s PDFs, Word docs, PowerPoint slides, Excel sheets, long texts, websites, videos, audio, or images—Chatmind 4.0 effortlessly converts all these formats into structured mind maps.
  • Efficiency on handling complex information: 
  • Chatmind 4.0 instantly transforms dense materials into organized summaries, saving your time on handling complex information.

Chatmind 4.0 Use Cases

📄 Drowning in Tedious Documents?

Quickly turn overwhelmed PDFs into clear, structured mind maps, distilling key opinion and logic for further research and critic.

document to mind map

🎥 Tired of Long YouTube Video?

Condense YouTube videos of up to 10 hours into concise visual summary in one click for enhanced comprehension of key content.

youtube summary mind map

🖼 Struggle with Complex Data?

Convert complicated diagrams or Excel into clear, easy-to-follow mind maps for in-depth analysis.

data analysis mind map

🖥️ Ready to Present?

Enhance your structured mind maps with AI-generated visuals, making every concept more engaging and understandable.

present with mind map

🔥 Just Try Chatmind 4.0 and turn hours of work into minutes of clarity.